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The Brooks & Associates Journey: 13 Years and Counting

By Virginia Brooks, Founder & Principal

Nothing is quite so gratifying – and humbling – as updating a company web site after 13 years in business.  When we set out in 2000 to launch Brooks & Associates Public Relations, little did we know what treasures lay ahead.  True, we have hit our share of potholes and taken some detours along the way, but all that pales in comparison to the warm and wonderful people we have had the privilege of coming to know.

It started with our team – those fresh young faces who were willing to take a chance on a startup PR company located out in the middle of nowhere in North Texas.  With blind faith, they came alongside to make this miracle happen, and I can see their footprints everywhere I turn even today.  Lovely, bright, dedicated and accomplished professionals who came, cut their teeth on some pure hard work, and eventually have left here hopefully smarter and more confident in themselves than when they came.  Each generation of employees makes this agency better.

And then there are the professional colleagues who have given so generously of themselves to help us build a strong foundation of clients, partners and senior associates who keep our business running and our brand unmarred.  Who knew when we were working together in the halls of corporations or attending the same industry affairs that our paths would once again cross in myriad ways.  How humbled I am that these friends-beyond-question continue to share their wisdom, their connections and, yes, their PR budgets with Brooks & Associates so faithfully over the years.

Finally, of course, there are our clients – past and present.  Who could ever imagine their diversity – from Fortune 200’s to start-ups to sole authors jousting at the windmills that are today’s publishing industry.  It continues to be a marvelous mosaic, crafted I believe by a good and sometimes humorous God, Who sends our way people and organizations to warm our hearts, tax our brains, try our patience and ultimately add greatly to our wisdom and experience in pursuit of their own business goals.  From Israel to West Texas, from the hallowed halls of academia to the gritty oilfields, from all walks of life you bless us beyond measure.

So, lest this starts to sound like a farewell, which it decidedly isn’t, let me proudly point each of you to our new web site – beautifully written and designed by our very own Robyn Brown and her brother Clay’s Blue Diamond PC start up.  Many of you will see your faces and your stories proudly on display there. Keep coming back often – our pledge is to keep it current, timely, maybe even a bit edgy, but always relevant. And instead of saying “it’s about time!,” I’m saying here’s to the next 13 years in this wonderful world we call Public Relations!