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Real-Time Communication and Productivity Solutions for Contact Centers

We supported Symon when it relocated its corporate headquarters and acquired new product lines. We created a strategic communications plan to drive awareness for the company’s expanded direction.

We provided communications counsel and support to Symon Communications, Inc. in 2002 when the company relocated its corporate headquarters to the Dallas area from Sugarland, Texas.

With our communications, Symon Communications recrafted its brand from a wallboard manufacturer to a leading provider of enterprise information solutions for performance and productivity management. Under the leadership of President and CEO Charles Ansley, Symon grew to be a recognized force in providing software, services and hardware solutions to over 46% of Fortune 500 players. In 2004, the company acquired TargetVision, and along with the acquisition became recognized for its ability to deliver and display real-time information to companies anywhere, anytime.

“Our association with Brooks & Associates has been a good one,” said Ansley. “Virginia and her team came alongside the Symon team at a time pivotal to our success. They have partnered with us to develop communications strategy, craft our company messaging, create our communications plans and execute on that strategy over the past three years. We especially valued their team as we communicated to the marketplace our acquisition of TargetVision. It was a fast-paced and complex communications challenge, and together we were able to assure our customers and our industry that it was exactly the right move for Symon.” – Charles Ansley, president and CEO, Symon Communications