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NSI Upstream Taps Brooks & Associates Public Relations for Communications Support

HOUSTON, Texas (August 20, 2010) – NSI Upstream, a provider of oilfield production management systems, has selected Brooks & Associates Public Relations to assist with the planning and implementation of the company’s marketing communications and public relations programs. 

“NSI Upstream is growing fast,” said Fred Gard, NSI Upstream vice president, Sales and Marketing.  “We’re at a critical point where our clients’ successes are creating opportunities to tell the NSI story across the upstream industry. We are looking to Brooks & Associates to help us get the word out about the value our products and services are delivering to operators around the world.”

NSI, developer of Oil Field Commander (OFC), provides producing companies with unmatched production management tools that provide for better and faster decisions in resolving the day-to-day, hour-to-hour issues that oil companies face in producing oil and gas. Producing companies face many challenges in providing the hydrocarbons the world needs and in managing their business such as controlling cost, maximizing recovery and maximizing profits.  OFC is being used by majors and independents both offshore and onshore in the US and overseas.

“NSI has testimonials from customers attesting to very large ‘real dollar’ returns on their Oil Field Commander investment,” said Virginia Brooks, president and founder of Brooks & Associates Public Relations.  “Our goal is to take the stories of NSI’s successes and let the upstream industry know of the significant value available through improved real-time production surveillance management.  We look forward to working with the NSI team to make this information broadly available to those who need to know.”


About Brooks & Associates, Inc. Brooks & Associates Public Relations is a full-service Dallas-area firm specializing in developing and implementing strategic, integrated and results-driven public relations programs for businesses that understand the power of effective communications. Founded in June 2000, Brooks & Associates offers more than 30 years combined public relations experience with specialization in business-to-business communications services. Clients include companies both large and small, primarily in the high technology, telecommunications, energy, higher education and professional services industries. For more information or to contact Brooks & Associates, visit or call (903) 532-9714


NSI Upstream has its offices in Lafayette and Houston. Anyone seeking more information should call (337) 839-1020, send an e-mail to or check the company’s website at