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Multiple Canadian Solutions Unite under One Oil & Gas Brand

We expanded Wescorp’s marketing position from a local hardware provider in Canada to a global provider of a wide array of oilfield engineering and field services. In one short year, Wescorp went from a total unknown to the front cover of the Oil & Gas Journal‘s technology special issue.

The Story

Wescorp Energy is the product of several corporate changes:  tThe acquisition of Flowstar Technologies and Total Fluids Solutions, a 50-50 joint venture with Norway-based Ellycrack, AS and a merger with Houston, TX-based Strategic Sciences USA, Inc. By 2007, the company had expanded its oil and gas service and products, but still worked under the title and branding of Flowstar, an Edmonton, Alberta-based flow meter company.

How We Told the Story

In May 2007 our agency was brought in to leverage the unique capabilities and services of each division and unite the company as one brand – Wescorp Energy. We first performed market research to understand how best to position Wescorp within the industry. Based on market analysis and customer engagement, it was clear that the company needed to define itself as an oil and gas operations solutions company and remove misconceptions that it was only a flow meter product company in Canada. We worked closely with Wescorp to create a corporate personality, mission and vision statements and company description that would remain consistent throughout all future messages and collateral pieces. Our creative team redesigned the Wescorp graphic identity and logo to more fully represent the company’s expanded reach.


Aggressive outreach began immediately to educate Wescorp customers and employees about the new operations solutions direction. The company unveiled its new image to the industry at the 2008 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston with exhibit space and product demos in the Alberta pavilion. Wescorp spokespeople told their story in nine media briefings. Throughout the rebranding process, we upgraded Wescorp’s website with new messaging and managed a series of article placements in U.S. and Canada-based oil and gas trade publications. A year-in-review news release recapped Wescorp’s brand transformation.

The Result

After a one-year rebranding program, we succeeded in positioning Wescorp as an operations solutions company in the North American oil and gas industry and empowering investors and employees to talk about the company using current and compelling messaging.  A news cycle of 66 articles in print and online trade outlets focused on the corporate rebrand, acquisitions and new product offerings. Further, sales teams were able to leverage new collateral including case studies, fact sheets, article reprints and an engaging corporate website.