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Launching Marriage Training in DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth was the launching ground for a unique training program to improve marriages. Our PR campaign used media relations, social media and grassroots advocacy to start conversations about healthy and happy marriages.


WFAA-TV (ABC) featured Guarantee Your Marriage participants Tim and Veronica Villegas in its coverage of the marriage training.

The Story

Marriage is one of the most fundamental relationships in a person’s life. Yet, it receives little attention from education and long-term training and support initiatives. Building from this opportunity and a partnership with the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), Guarantee Your Marriage offered online training as a resource to married couples who wanted to strengthen their relationships. With a large and diverse population, Dallas-Fort Worth became the launching ground for the unique training program that was offered complete with a warranty against divorce and a reward for long-term success.

How We Told the Story

We raised awareness for Guarantee Your Marriage through media relations, social media, and strategic affiliations over a four-month period. We started by building a focus group of 36 married couples from across DFW to receive direct customer feedback, build word-of-mouth marketing, secure local testimonials and identify product champions for upcoming media opportunities. A Wylie, TX couple told their marriage story and spoke on the value of online marriage training in a WFAA-TV/ABC interview. We prepared the company’s product evangelist to deliver messaging on WBAP-AM, WFAA-TV and Texas Living’s KTXD-TV. We contributed multiple articles to Neighbors Go! along with regional marriage statistics. And we positioned Guarantee Your Marriage as the expert with relevant and useful posts on its blog Together and posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Result

The launch of Guarantee Your Marriage got people in DFW talking. From positive media coverage, online content and grassroots marketing, we generated real conversations about healthy marriage. A wholly original idea, the online marriage training held appeal with everyone from newlyweds to couples with growing kids who want to build happier, healthier and more successful marriages.