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DAS Antenna Manufacturer Enters NA Market

With a line of innovative DAS antennas, Galtronics responded to a need for better performance and coverage for in-building and outdoor 4G LTE networks. We helped Galtronics establish itself in the North American telecom market using third-party influencers, strategic brand placement and content marketing.

GaltronicsCaseStudyThe Story

Today’s smart phones, tablets and other 4G devices demand mobile data services and faster data rates. This increased demand impacts network performance and profitability. Further, building owners and municipalities are pressured to expand services from mobile operators and provide better coverage for end users. Israel-based Galtronics provides high-performance DAS antennas, which improve speed and connectivity and strengthen coverage and scalability for emerging 4G and LTE wireless networks. Galtronics was well positioned to enter the North American telecom market as the go-to provider for DAS in-build and outdoor antennas and lead the industry in innovative ‘firsts’ with its testing results.

How We Told the Story

We helped Galtronics enter the North American market through strategic media and analyst relations and brand awareness at industry events. We first worked alongside company leaders, engineers and sales leads to craft the Galtronics story in detailed messaging. Multiple media and analyst briefings gave spokespeople the opportunity to deliver their story and follow up with product news and contributed bylined articles. We then kept a consistent, month-to-month drumbeat of industry coverage that included product news, thought leadership and updates on testing results. We made full use of media and marketing opportunities at industry events – from small DAS meetings to large telecom conventions like CTIA. Other forms of marketed content included videos, photos, white papers, guest articles in vertical industry publications, website copy and product brochures.

Media coverage:

·         DAS Bulletin – “DAS Antennas to Be Heart, Not Seen

·         Today’s Facility Manager – “Web Exclusive: Wireless Coverage in Hotels

·         RCR Wireless (Video Interview) – “2012 DAS in Action: Galtronics MIMO Antenna Update

·         Urgent Communications – “Dual-Polarized MIMO Antenna Solves In-Building LTE Coverage Issues

·         Above Ground Magazine (AGL) – “Las Vegas Casino and Resort Hotel Testing Confirms MIMO Advantage for 750MHz LTE In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems

The Result

Two years later the terms DAS and MIMO are synonymous with Galtronics antennas. The company now has a ‘place at the table’ for telecom discussions about better 4G LTE network coverage and is a recognized brand at DAS events and among national carriers, systems integrators and third-party influencers such as leading analysts. We helped Galtronics rise above its competitors with a consistent news cycle and constantly promoted digital content.