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Brooks & Associates Public Relations Passes Decade Mark with Flying Colors

Howe, Texas (January 20, 2011) – Time flies when you’re having fun, they say, and for Brooks & Associates Public Relations, Inc., a Howe, Texas based full-service public relations agency, the old adage couldn’t be more suitable.  Celebrating 10 years in business, agency founder Virginia Brooks remarked, “If you define ‘fun’ as doing what you love to do for people you love to work with and participating in phenomenal projects with clients who appreciate business results, then it’s very true the past 10 years have been fun as well as productive.”

Brooks founded the agency in 2000 following a 25-year career in corporate communications.  Since that time the company has claimed among its clients a list of blue chip companies all dedicated to excellence in communications.  With a strong emphasis on high tech and energy, Brooks & Associates has counted among its clients Microsoft, EDS, Siemens PLM, Sabre Holdings, Recursion Software, NSI Upstream and many others focused on those industries.  Additionally the agency expanded to include a broadening array of clients, including SMU Cox School of Business and Rent-A-Center, both academic and corporate leaders in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

“We’ve been granted some amazing experiences,” said Brooks.  “At Microsoft we helped introduce the Microsoft name into the oil and gas and utilities industries in a way that resonates today with both operations and business leaders worldwide – and helped launch the Microsoft Global Energy Forum, now in its 9th year and a must-attend on hundreds of oil and gas professionals’ calendars.  We helped position Sabre Holdings as a forward-thinking, global leader in the travel and technology industry.  We’ve promoted the outreach Rent-A-Center does in communities nationwide by donating furniture, computers and resources to Boys and Girls Clubs across America.  We support SMU Cox Executive Education’s drive to create business leadership excellence around the world.  And we helped rebrand EDS’ vast library of marketing materials in anticipation of the company’s acquisition by HP.”

Recently the company has expanded its reach outside North America.  Working increasingly with global corporations, the Brooks team has driven market research surveys that span the world, media participation at industry events in Barcelona, Spain, and Florence, Italy, and coverage tracking and analysis that include multiple countries.  “The world is truly becoming one marketplace,” said Brooks.  “Operating across language barriers, time zones and cultural chasms is becoming everyday for us, and in the process we’re seeing our results mushroom as well.  It’s one thing to gain positive media coverage in a state or region, but to drive a news cycle that reaches almost every continent brings significant business results for the customers we serve.”

According to Brooks, the company’s success over the past decade is due in large part to its agile business model.  “We keep a small core staff who are vital to running our agency.” she said, “These are the professionals who know our commitment to excellence and who drive our customer care forward.  And we rely on incredibly talented and experienced professionals outside our walls to help us meet our clients’ expectations on a targeted as-need basis.  For example, if we need a writer who knows cloud computing in oil and gas, we know who to call; or if we need someone skilled in new media campaign management, we’ve got the right people in place.  I’ve never believed in a ‘one size fits all’ agency – it’s just not possible to keep all the varied and specialty talent our clients need in-house.  I’m most grateful for the communicators out there who are confident enough to work independently and dedicated enough to show up when we need them, where we need them, with the perfect skills we need at the time.”

Asked about the future of the agency, Brooks responded, “I see nothing but opportunity.  The world of public relations is changing, and we’re changing with it.  We’re exploring the new media landscape, conquering social media, learning new ways to tell our clients’ stories and pushing into new industries and markets.  And we’re sticking to the values and philosophies that have grounded our business the past 10 years – things like dedication to driving results, commitment to working with integrity and a passion for solving business challenges with excellence in communications.  We’re agile so we’re weathering economic gloom, and we’re optimistic so we’re reaching out for new opportunities to do what we do best.  All in all, it’s been a very good start to what we see as a bright and promising future.”


About Brooks & Associates, Inc. Brooks & Associates Public Relations is a full-service Dallas-area firm specializing in developing and implementing strategic, integrated and results-driven public relations programs for businesses that understand the power of effective communications. Founded in June 2000, Brooks & Associates offers more than 30 years combined public relations experience with specialization in business-to-business communications services. Clients include companies both large and small, primarily in the high technology, telecommunications, energy, higher education and professional services industries. For more information or to contact Brooks & Associates, visit or call (903) 532-9714