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Ampersand Sallies

Brief Journeys into Two or More

AmpI’m happy about our new blog name.  Admittedly, “Ampersand Sallies” is a bit oblique.  But bear with me.  The ampersand has held a special place for Brooks & Associates over the years.  Obviously it holds our name together – it also symbolizes our very business model.  That is, a federation of top performers, all experts in their fields, coming together to deliver excellence to Brooks’ customers.  Take away that ampersand, and you take away the magic and leave us stuck with the very highly ordinary agency that has to make do with whatever talent is on the payroll at the moment. No thanks!

Ampersands are so inclusive!  They never say, “yeah, but”.  They always say “and”.  And that, too, is perfect for our philosophy.  It stands for embracing challenges – even if they seem a bit far-fetched or out there.  It represents assembling teams that complement each other and multiply the results we’re after.  And it represents the sheer power of people working together, giving their best and building on each other’s visions to discover the undiscoverable and conquer it for the good of all.

So – watch this site for what I’m describing as “Brief Journeys into Two or More.”  For those who are Bible aficionados, you may remember Matthew 18:20 where Jesus says “wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst.”  I’m thinking if it’s good enough for the Good Book, it’s surely good enough for me!

“Ampersand Sallies” is going to spotlight people who are gathering to make the extraordinary happen.  It might be business, it might be communications, it might be community service or just plain love and friendship.  But whatever it is – it’s going to showcase the power of the ampersand and the pleasure of sallying (did you look it up?  Means to take a short journey) into some fun and heart-warming stories.  Stay tuned!  It’s gonna make you smile, guaranteed!