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Alignment, Inc. Taps Brooks & Associates Public Relations to Tell the Story of Company’s Bottom-Line Benefits

Founder Kristin Kaufman moves forward to showcase  the power of alignment for individuals and teams

HOWE, TX – July 18, 2011 –  Alignment, Inc., a Dallas-based corporate consulting firm, tapped Brooks & Associates Public Relations to enhance visibility for the bottom-line benefits Alignment offers its corporate clients. 

Company founder Kristin Kaufman and Alignment, Inc. help companies, teams and individuals enhance business and personal performance by aligning their values, talents, goals and intentions.

“Our company is at an exciting juncture,” said Alignment CEO Kristin Kaufman. “We’re being selected to work with Fortune 500s across the nation, and these engagements are translating the power of alignment to boost business performance in multiple industries.  This is the opportune time to get the word out about the value we offer, and Brooks & Associates is the team to help us make that happen.”

Kaufman is a sought-after leadership coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker and author.  She will launch her first book this fall, a recounting of chance encounters that are life changing in unanticipated and transformative ways.  Brooks & Associates will work with her to generate media, speaking and social media programs designed to promote the company, its offerings and leadership.  Learn more about Alignment at

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