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A Political Voice for Women

Debora Georgatos wants women to know they can influence Washington. Her book, Ladies Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote!, encourages women to embrace liberty-preserving solutions to America’s challenges, and to recognize their tremendous power to shape the American political conversation and the outcome of elections.

IMG_2542 much smallerThe Story

Dallas-based author and conservative activist Debora Georgatos recognizes that women are growing in numbers and influence in business, law, medicine and all professional spheres of American society, and that policies that are best for women are those that treat women as leaders and achievers, not victims. Ladies Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote!, is an inspiring commentary on the often unrealized political power women hold and on the importance of sending the message to Washington that women thrive best under policies that support liberty.

How We Told the Story

We continued our success helping new authors gain publicity and sparking conversations about their books in fresh ways: local and national media campaigns, social media and events that meet their readers where they are. For Debora Georgatos, this included the Republican National Convention, television appearances, and signings in bookstores in strategic  venues in North Dallas, Park Cities and Fort Worth.

The Result

Debora reports that her book is selling well on, from her website,, and via her book talks nationwide.  Through her book promotion efforts, she formed new political alliances that focus on strengthening the power of the women’s vote and advancing the conservative cause.  According to Debora, “Working with Brooks & Associates gave me the jump start I needed to launch my first book at a crucial political juncture in America.  The Brooks team helped me break through the noise of the 2012 elections and advance the key message in my book — women prosper when our nation prospers, and our nation prospers through fiscal conservatism, and preserving our liberty-based society and economy .”